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Marco Cartasegna has always loved fashion and style. When he was a kid, after having a flu-shot or after an injury playing football he would stop crying only if he could get as a reward “something beautiful“, meaning some new clothes.

This passion mixed with his professional life, during his studies in Milan at Bocconi University he had the chance to start modeling, starting using his mum’s last name Fernandez. His first agency was Elite, together with Major NY and Talents Germany. He started working for the best Italian and International brands, such as: Armani, Dolce e Gabbana, Etro, Benetton, 7FAM, Puma, G-Star.

Marco went back to being just Marco Cartasegna to finish his studies with a MSc in International Management at IE business school Madrid, never forgetting his true passion, to which he returned right after the master’s.

And then again, he was back on track! His mother agency 3mmodels placed him in all the major international markets. He’s currently signed with Adam Models in NY, Vision in Los Angeles and M4 in Germany. But this wasn’t enough, he wanted to pursue his love for fashion, style and ELEGANCE in a deeper level, so in February 2015 he decided to create his personal blog, to keep people posted about his creations and his styles.

Upcoming in 2016, his collections will be available to purchase.

That’s a short biography of how YourGentleman was born. Follow me and we’ll make it grow together.