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Cars and Fashion – A Brief History

Cars and Fashion - A Brief History

May 1st, 1994. 23 years ago died Ayrton Senna, who some believe to be the best F1 pilot in history. While Senna himself was not much of a style icon, he was someone worth looking up to. Senna performed every day of his job with incredible passion. And so should you, wether that is cars or fashion.

For many years, cars have been synonym of manliness and style. Paul Newman and James Hunt were just a few people who represented symbols of fashion and lifestyle.

Paul Newman

Cars and Fashion - A Brief History

Paul Newman did many things. Not only he drove Indy, he was also an entrepreneur and a philanthropist. These are things many youngsters aspire to be. Best of all: he was very well dressed. All the time. Mr. Newman was such an icon, that his favourite watch (Rolex Daytona) is now popularly known as a Daytona Paul Newman.

Cars and Fashion - A Brief History

As a result of is understated style he watch choice has become iconic. It’s simple, clean, useful and car related. The current hike in vintage pieces only shows us how much of an icon he was, and how his history is valuable.

James Hunt

Cars and Fashion - A Brief History

James Hunt came into scene a little after Newman. Most noteworthy, Hunt is famous for his battles (often dangerous) with Lauda (about which you can watch Rush). Hunt wasn’t a style icon like Newman, he doesn’t have his own Rolex, nor is he looked up by millions of people. Hunt had his own style. It wasn’t understated, but it was effortless and (in my opinion) underrated.

Cars and Fashion - A brief History

Hunt was a lifestyle icon. He was the perfect description of live fast die fast (and additionally drive fast). His fame of being a womaniser goes beyond generations and still amuses many up to this day. Hunt allegedly slept with 33 stewardesses from British Airlines before winning the championship.

His style remains, to this day, a symbol of youth and passion that many strive to have, but very few are able to.

Lewis Hamilton

Cars and Fashion - A Brief History

No one knows if Lewis will acquire a similar sort of fame. He definitely does not lack the style nor the driving skills. At the time of this article, Lewis has already won 3 championships (and yet to win more). Let us not forget the numerous times he’s brought famous personalities (Justin Bieber and Kendall Jenner) along with him to the races.

Lewis too is a symbol of lifestyle. While his fashion style isn’t particularly similar to ours, he still has the potential nevertheless.

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