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Personalisation and Innovation – Adidas Style

Adidas Knit for You

Sartorie have been around for a long time, especially in Italy. The concept of having what you want, done the way you want it is not new. Many modern brands have unsuccessfully tried to implement such ideas into their catalogue, only to discover it is either too costly or too difficult. Innovation isn’t always successful at first.

According to BoF, Adidas now has a store in Berlin which allows consumers to design their own clothing. The so-called Adidas Knit for You consists in a machine making your sweater there at the spot.

Adidas Knit for You

As of right now, the machine does not allow for much personalisation to be made. However, this is a step towards the future. Making every single article is very costly, as many of you would know; a high-end bespoke suit usually costs upwards of a thousand euro. 200 euro for your very own design is a bargain.

Adidas Knit for You

Additionally, as a part of your buying experience, have a body scan (to make sure that it fits you perfectly). The process includes hand finish, wash and dry within four ours of the process.


Adidas Knit for You

Although the concept is fantastic, it still remains as a trial. The technological show-off here remains a partnership between the German government, industrial partners and academics. Although the costs for consumers is only 200 euro, this idea is costly for manufactures. So why all the excitement? Maybe this is the future. The first time someone has made personalised clothes for consumers quick enough.

Finally, right now the store can sell only 10 sweaters a day (on a busy one), but perhaps within 10…15 years we will never buy non personalised clothing again.



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