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Fashion shows, are we set for a change?

Fashion shows, are we set for a change?

A few years ago, haute couture was a luxury only a very limited few could afford. Not only due to its high price tags (which still remain today), but also for the lack of available information to the public. Keeping up was no easy task. Spending time scavenging newspapers, subscribing to fashion magazines was for many what drove their devotion.

Fashion shows, are we set for a change?

Nowadays we live in a different world. The rise of social media like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter made it possible for brands to reach a highly-tailored audience in numbers that simply were not possible 10 years ago. The rate at which technology grows goes hand in hand with how well (or how badly) luxury companies can perform. Furthermore, you can share information with thousands of people at the split of a second. With incredible ease (and from the farthest of towns) you can reach new looks, anytime.

The challenge now is to create fashion shows not only to those who are regular buyers, but also to people who buy one or two pieces per year. After all we all know fashion is a highly competitive market.

Aiming to expand from its major sources of profit (Europe, North-America and China) Louis Vuitton presented last year’s Cruise Collection in one of Brazil’s main museums. The idea was to reach deeper into Latin-American markets. These are often extremely large but suffer with the lack of reach from brands. Anyone could have seen the show live.

Fashion shows, are we set for a change?

People could for the first time see a live fashion show in 2010, at LFW. This change represents a great step towards the future. As many would suggest; you can’t fit millions in a room, but you can in millions of rooms. Nowadays, most companies have their fashion shows broadcast on their website. Additionally, fashion lovers and writers can now experience absolutely mind-blowing productions from the comfort of their homes.

In conclusion, we should expect brands to head more towards a see now buy now concept rather than see now buy later. These are just the first steps.

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