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LA experience

LA experience cover

Hi guys,

I’m thrilled to share with you my recent trip to LA.

Writing from NYC, I cannot actually complain as today the weather is making the big apple shine at its best.

Back to the West Coast, I want to share with you some tips on where to go and what to do based on my LA experience.

Tip #1, in LA you NEED a car. I recommend to use LYFT instead of renting one, much much more convenient (use promo code MARCO746445)!

I used to wake up every morning and go for breakfast at Toast, a nice place in West Hollywood where I could enjoy my cappuccino and plan my day. The very first thing I did was going to Venice beach, one of my favorite places. Surely can’t be compared to the crystalline waters of the Mediterranean sea, but there’s no beach in the world where you can find such a cool vibe and variety of people. On Sundays at sunset you can go into a world-fiendly dance around bonfires, pick the flag of your country and proudly wave it into the air, forgetting about racial and political barriers (you can see me doing that trying to fit in). To finish up the day, chill in a lifeguard tower, enjoying a beer wrapped in a paper bag.

Venice Beach Drum Circle
Sunset beer

Another must-do when in LA is going hiking, the best spot to do so in the Runyon Canyon, from where you can also reach the famous Hollywood sign.




When it comes to the shopping, LA has a lot to offer, especially with things that you hardly find in other places in the world, like vintage clothes. Two places not to miss: the Melrose trading post, taking place every Sunday, and the secret Pleaseandthankyoustore, make sure to contact them to make an appointment, otherwise you won’t find the store!

Melrose Trade
Melrose Trade

In West Hollywood you’ll also find the flagship store of the coolest jewelry brand I know, Maor Cohen (8362 West 3rd Street), stop by and you will fall in love with the innovative pieces of the collection.

Finally, you should walk around the upcoming Arts District, where is located the concept store Alchemy Works.

Maor Cohen store
Maor Cohen design
Maor Cohen
Alchemy Works

LA has some of the best restaurants in the world. In only a few days there I could not try them all, but I can share with you the best ones I did try.

Sushi in this city is great, not surprisingly here’s where the worldwide famous Chef Nobu Matsuhisa opened his firs venue, which led to the creation of the NOBU brand. Same style for the Sushi Park, not the most romantic location but surely best Toro in town.

If you are more a red meat kind of person, then BOA Steakhouse is the place you should go to and if you are a member, or have the chance to be invited by one, then go to Soho House, it has one of the sickest views of the city.

Soho House selfie - Caroline Vreeland

Soho House selfie – Caroline Vreeland

I hope you’ll enjoy your trip in LA and if you have any questions, write me at

Marco Cartasegna

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