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Linen – A beginner’s guide

Image by Loro Piana

Most of our posts come from things that happened in the past. News about watches in Basel, Fashion Weeks and many other events. Today’s post is from the future and for the future. For most of us, the weather during summer can get pretty warm. In those cases, linen is our saviour. After all, what else would you want other than staying cool and classy at the same time?

Humankind has long known linen. Historically, linen cloths date back to thousands of years ago. Today, on the other hand, you have a few more options other than a pre-historic piece of cloth. In Italy, people wear lots of linen (especially down in the South). Clothing ranges from the classic shirts to shorts and even suits.


Image by Loro Piana

Image by Loro Piana

First and probably the most important, linen shirts are your best choice during summer. You can wear them with chinos or shorts and they’ll do the job just fine. They’re perfect for the weekend or to put on to run errands. Additionally,  you might want to check what the dress code is at your office, but (personally) a more formal cut should be ok.  You can buy this here.

Additionally, if you’re not interested in spending EUR 500 for a shirt, you can pick one up from Ralph Lauren here for a fraction the price (EUR 129).


Linen - A Beginner's Guide

Suit by SuitSupply

Linen suits are perfect. However, just like all “perfect” things, they have a ‘but’. For linen suits the ‘but’ is the fact that after an entire day it becomes extremely wrinkly. If you have time to iron it often, go ahead and pull the trigger on a piece like this. Another problem is that this may decrease the lifespan of the suit. You can purchase this here.


Shorts by SuitSupply

Shorts by SuitSupply

Linen and shorts are the perfect match (with no ‘but’ this time). They’re casual, can get wrinkly and provide extreme comfort. Linen is burdensome to produce and consequently the only problem is the relative higher cost.  Yet, if you have the extra money, might as well look cool and be cool.

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