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London Bound

#LFW it's coming

Hi guys,

I’m writing from very typical London’s pub, like there are million here, where I refuged myself after it suddenly started raining like… like it always does in London actually!

For my great surprise, sipping a good draft lager beer, the place has wifi, and so I can tell you about this two days London bound.

I came here to attend the Carnaby Street event held in collaboration with British GQ, a great excuse to visit the city after a long time actually!

I have to say, if it wasn’t for this horrible weather, I would consider moving here in London. English tradition for men’s clothes is as important and full of history as Italy’s; styles are different, but the love and passion are in common.

The event was really cool: live music and dj sets in the stores, free drinks everywhere and well dressed (and less well dressed) people to take inspiration from (or not).

Also, I had the chance to meet the GQ Fashion Editor Nick Carvell, great guy with a deep knowledge of men’s style and fashion.

Here you can see a few picts and feel the vibe from the night.

Your Gentleman

#LFW it's coming
Street Art
With Gq Fashion Editor Nick Carvell
Have some Vodka from this skull!
Mini Golf
Live Music!
Sweets, of any color, shape and taste
Get your haircut
New Mini Clubman
Savile Row Styles
Savile Row Styles
This guy has style!
Finish.. with a beer!

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