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Supreme x Louis Vuitton – Thoughts and Feelings

Supreme x Louis Vuitton - Thoughts and Feelings

Okay guys, we get it. There are no limits to creativity concerning fashion. We have seen a lot of crazy stuff going on in the past years; creative directors that come and go, the rising importance of rap and hip-hop artists to street fashion, century-old brands hiring 16 year-old children of football players as photographers ( @ you Mr. Beckham).

At YG we are lovers of fashion (naturally). Meaning we can understand why brands that are so very much different can join forces and produce something out-of-this-world amazing. If you are reading this blog, we assume that so do you.

Just a few days ago Supreme and Louis Vuitton have announced that they will be producing a collection in conjunction. Yes, you read that right, Supreme and Louis Vuitton. The underground skate chic brand will collab with the almost royal like French fashion house.

The mix of super chic and underground has reached not only Louis Vuitton and Supreme. Just a few days ago, Bamford Watch Department announced they would work in conjunction with BAPE and Neighborhood to produce a small number of murdered-out Rolexes (click here to check it out). Honestly, I wasn’t very much impressed when I first saw this. After all, Bamford is famous for doing crazy (expensive) stuff for those that like to depart from classicism sometimes.

Although Supreme x LV seems like it will sell like water, the question that still remains is: Will LV’s core buyers like to be associated with an underground skate brand? In an interview for WWD, LV’s Artistic Director said that one cannot choose to acknowledge Supreme in cities like NYC, because they are everywhere.

Remember back in the day, that one kid in college who was super into skate life and had super rich parents? They can now go shopping together.

Let us know how you feel about this collection in the comment section below!


Supreme x Louis Vuitton - Thoughts Supreme x Louis Vuitton - Thoughts Supreme x Louis Vuitton - Thoughts

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