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Fashion Styles

MFW Trends

MFW Trends

It’s Milan Fashion Week and we’re full of models, VIPs and well dressed people. About one month or so we came to you with the trends we saw at Pitti Uomo. Now it’s MFW’s turn. As always, most of the trends aren’t exactly “new”. If you’ve lived long enough you may have already noticed that trends come and go. Hence don’t throw all your clothes away just yet.

Any of these will give you that extra confidence to make that model walking around Milan to fall in love with you. Just kidding, but it will most certainly help.


1. Military Field Jackets

MFW Trends


Easily paired with almost anything casual in ones wardrobe. As always, stick to the one that fits you best. They generally come in colours like navy blue or the one you see in the picture. You may pair them with a pair of dark jeans and a loafer (with socks) if the temperature allows.


2. Logos and more logos (but not really) 

Street style’s favorite. Their garments have traces that set their brands apart from the others. This is is the probably the best way to demonstrate the love you have for a brand without having GUCCI stamped on your chest. I mean, that is probably not a good of showing love.

MFW Trends

Photo: Alessandro Garofalo

Notice that Jared Leto’s bomber jacket contains traces of Gucci all over it.  You don’t even need to know how to read to know that is a Gucci jacket.

Any of you who prefers more classic or conservative styles should probably stay away from this trend (but definitely not stay away from the brands).


3. Brown suede shoes

Now this is a favorite for the Milanese. It’s and will always be a classic. As I previously stated; most stuff comes and goes, but this doesn’t. For as long as I can remember brown suede shoes have been fashionable, and it’ll most likely stay that way. You may were brown suede shoes with almost everything, ranging from the very expensive (and bespoke) suit you own to the old pair of light toned 501s you used to wear in the 90s.

MFW Trends

Finally, here see an example of them in a very casual environment. Simply great for crashing at the bar or even for the eventual run to the office.


Disclaimer: We do not own the pictures above. All credits go to the original owners. If you own the picture and want it removed get in contact with us.

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