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Fashion Styles

Our Favorite Loafers

Loafers come in many shapes and sizes. Varying in form, color, material and [especially] price, loafers are almost always a good pick for any time of the year. Naturally, you should not be wearing a loafer you’re planning on walking on snowy roads. But it doesn’t mean that you cannot wear a loafer at home (during Christmas celebrations, for example). In addition to these, you can pick up a loafer to wear with a tuxedo. If you manage to pick the right one up, your much conservative piece will have a more contemporary feel.

Penny Loafer

Our Favorite Loafers

Penny loafer in brown suede by Velasca


The penny loafer is a must have piece in any man’s wardrobe. This type of shoe that was first worn in Norway but became a symbol of preppy style in the USA. The name ‘penny’ comes from the preppy era, due to the fact that the small aperture in the shoe fits perfectly something the size of a penny. You can purchase this here.



Slippers by Stubbs & Wootton

Slippers by Stubbs & Wootton

These slippers that first began as evening shoes (for the house) are now back in style. Also having its roots in America, the slipper is perfect with a pair of jeans and a polo-shirt. Often, brands like to introduce cool drawings and funny messages. Though nice, it makes them less wearable. You can pick this one up here.


Mocassino by Tod's

Mocassino by Tod’s

This is an all time Italian favorite. As soon as temperatures begin to rise, people in Milan take these out and wear them until it gets cold again (A bit like “sun’s out guns out”). There is a bit of debate as to who makes the best mocassino, Americans think its Car Shoe and Italians think it’s Tod’s. Whichever one you buy is up to you, they’re equally nice. But being based in Milan, we’ll always prefer the Italian one.


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