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The Warmth is Yet to Come

The Warmth is Yet to Come


Last week temperatures in Milan hit 15ºC (60ºF for you Americans), probably making this week one of the warmest weeks during the not-so-tough Milanese winter. A few posts ago we explained why synthetic fabrics should be our go-to type of fabric if one is seeking warmth.

At this temperature, nothing more than a sweater and a coat is necessary. You can take out your Ray-Bans again, and maybe even wear loafers (with matching socks, obviously). Though it is warm outside, you should still stick to darker colours, because after all, it’s still winter.

In this outfit we’d like you to pay special attention to the this overcoat. Notice it is military inspired with workings on the buttons and buttonholes on the lapels. The color of this coat is also very versatile. It can be paired with pretty much everything in one’s wardrobe, especially light toned 501s and tobacco brown pollachine.

Styling: Marco Cartasegna

Photography: Luca R. Andrade

Outfit: coat by Tagliatore, knitwear Knock Out, trousers Hamptons, loafers Paul Evans, specs RayBan.

The Warmth Is Yet To Come The Warmth Is Yet To Come The Warmth Is Yet To Come The Warmth Is Yet To Come

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